Senior .NET developer/tech lead/team lead, full-stack

The first mobile-only company in the field of online landing in Ukraine is looking for Senior .NET developer.

Team & Product:

  • Fully automated decision-making and processing platform with proprietary scoring system based on machine learning and AI algorithms;
  • Scrum-based framework (Agile, Kanban, Scrumban);
  • Tough, well-established and supportive team.


  • Experience 5 years or higher;
  • C #, .NET (preferably .NET Core);
  • WebAPI (preferably ASP.NET Core);
  • ORM experience (preferably EFCore);
  • MS SQL Server;
  • Queues knowledge (RabbitMQ, NServiceBus or other);
  • JavaScript, TypeScript;
  • Angular/Angularjs (rxjs, ngrx);
  • Dependency Injection frameworks (preferably Autofac);
  • Multi-threading implementation understanding;
  • High-load, high-availability services experience;
  • SOA, microservices experience/understanding;
  • Unit-tests frameworks, unit-tests writing skills;
  • Git or Mercurial;
  • Software design templates knowledge (SOLID etc.);
  • Continuous Integration understanding;
  • Strong analytical skills.


  • Experience in mobile development (especially with NativeScript);
  • Experience as a software architect;
  • Cloud services experience;
  • Bigdata experience;
  • Selenium tests experience;
  • Performance optimization experience;
  • SDLC understanding;
  • Experience and knowledge in financial industry/fintech;
  • Math background;
  • English — intermediate tech.

Company offers:

  • Intense and challenging tasks with deep product development understanding;
  • Pump up technical and leadership skills;
  • Comfortable working conditions;
  • Office in a new business center;
  • Health insurance, Gym;
  • Monthly barbeque parties;
  • Friday poker (beer, pizza, scotch/whiskey);
  • Coffee-machine, snacks, fruits etc.


  • Team members management, leadership & motivation;
  • Write clean, scalable code, unit testing;
  • Code review, control over code architecture principles;
  • Conducting requirements analysis, daily scrum meetings;
  • Participation in production delivery and support;
  • R&D in product development and business analysis.
Apply to this job, in case, you are interested in the position or contact us if you know someone, who might be interested -

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