Strategic Session
We perform strategic sessions for company management and use facilitation tools to improve and facilitate the search and selection of solutions and ideas to achieve your goals.
Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.
Steve Jobs
What makes a strategic session special as a business tool?
A strategic session is a unique and valuable tool that helps solve problems and make decisions. These decisions usually require the involvement and input of employees from various departments and different levels in the organizational structure of your company.
A facilitator is an important part of a productive strategic session. The facilitator remains neutral to the ideas and decisions that the participants suggest. The facilitator is a coach or business trainer with group coaching skills. This professional consistently leads and guides the group through the various stages of a strategic session, from generating ideas to devising a concrete plan of action.
What does a strategic session offer to management?
A strategic session is important and offers management the opportunity to generate valuable ideas, shaping decisions leveraging the knowledge, experience, and expertise of its employees. We carefully study and evaluate all proposals to achieve the desired goals during the session. This increases the quality and relevance of ideas and solutions, which are transformed into a suitable action plan. This is possible because of the participants' deep and comprehensive understanding of the company's processes, the current challenges the organization faces, and the features and nature of the product and industry.

The strategic session allows us to reach a new level of understanding and appreciation of business opportunities and implementation options. This helps participants become a driving force for change in your company. Because we involve employees in the development and decision-making, the team's motivation and involvement at the implementing stage changes, and it is easier to implement the developed plans.
Who takes part in a strategic session?
Employees and clients or company's partners and associates can participate in a strategic session. The group composition depends on the tasks to be managed and solved and the expertise and experience needed to solve them. Representatives of the relevant departments of your company and other parties may also participate. These parties will be involved in the further implementation of the action plan adopted at the strategic session. During the planning of a strategic session, we can offer our recommendations and suggestions on group formation and the number of participants. However, the decision is always at your discretion.
How long does a strategic session last?
A strategic session usually lasts one to two days (8 - 16 working hours), depending on your request and the number of participants. Before holding the strategic session, we study and analyze your request. After that, we agree and devise a detailed plan and format for the event.
What is the format of a strategic session?
We hold the strategic session in the field or office, depending on your request and wishes. The field format involves a change of usual location, and we usually combine it with team recreation or other activities. In contrast, the office format of the strategic session is held in the usual business environment for the team.

Regardless of the format, an important condition during a strategic session is your team's ability to detach from current operational tasks and concentrate on the most focused work.
Who performs a strategic session?
A business coach and a certified coach-consultant of Wiesbaden Academy, WIAT, perform a strategic session. These professionals have many years of experience conducting strategic sessions and group team coaching.
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