Organizational Coaching
We leverage various coaching programs and tools to help strengthen the management skills, abilities, and competencies of managers in a company and establish and promote teamwork and coordination.
Your well-being depends on your own decisions.
John D. Rockefeller
Why should you use coaching in running and managing your company?
By using organizational coaching, you can achieve the desired results faster and more efficiently. This is because you get a more holistic picture of the perception of situations and events. For example, you can understand and appreciate the peculiarities and subtleties of interaction with different types of individuals in your organization. You can also analyze the root causes of victories and misunderstandings within the team. With organizational coaching, it is easier to introspect and reflect as there is an increase in the level of awareness of your employees.
Using coaching tools in management helps improve the productivity and efficiency of the team and increases the interaction of team members with stakeholders.
Who provides organizational coaching to management and the team? What does it involve?
We provide organizational coaching that involves working with your management and team to address your corporate request and meet your needs. This is because of the awareness of current knowledge and experience, reflection, and the formation of new behavioral patterns in employees with whom the coach works.
Mapping employees' strengths to their organizational roles and designations provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen the team while achieving better business results and performance.
How do we conduct organizational coaching in a company?
We thoroughly study and understand your request, the current situation, and the willingness and ability to implement organizational changes. When we understand how coaching tools and techniques can create value in solving your request, we offer cooperation. In other cases, we will immediately notify you of other possible tools that you can use to achieve your goals and the desired results.
Who does the coach work within an organization?
The target audience of organizational coaching is business owners and managers at different levels of an organizational structure of a company. Their decisions and choices significantly impact the development of teams and the business in general.
How long does organizational coaching last?
The duration of work with our coach depends on your request and the number of changes you would like to implement in your team and company. Before commencing work and after analyzing the scale and nature of challenges and tasks, our coach will provide tentative deadlines to achieve intermediate and final results.
Who performs coaching?
A certified coach-consultant, Wiesbaden Academy, WIAT, performs coaching sessions with practical experience in managing the team and company.
What are the coaching standards at UniSkill?
Our work is based on international coaching standards. We value and prioritize ethics and are accountable to you for the proposed tools. We maintain confidentiality and ensure the security of your sensitive corporate information.
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