We search, evaluate, and recruit staff and form effective teams for your business.
Talent is the No. 1 priority for a CEO. You think it's about vision and strategy, but you have to get the right people first.
Andrea Jung
What is the value of a carefully-selected business team?
The successes and achievements of any company are the successes and achievements of a team that develops and promotes the business and increases its value. People and their unique ability to cope with the tasks and challenges faced by a business are one of the most valuable resources of the company. A well-selected team is the result of professional search and selection of the necessary specialists with the right professional and behavioral competencies.
How do we search and recruit employees?
We search and recruit staff by conducting an in-depth analysis of the needs and expectations of the company from prospective employees. The recruitment process begins after a detailed discussion of the needs and requests of our clients, ending with the hiring of the most desirable specialist. This approach allows us to reduce staff turnover and form a competent and experienced team. If necessary, we also help managers analyze and create job profiles of ideal candidates.

We use the world's best practices in Human Resources in all our work, based on the SHRM Competency Model. We adhere to the high standards of HR ethics, and care about maintaining and strengthening the employer's brand and the reputation of our clients.
How the recruitment process works?
During the recruitment process, each candidate goes through several interview stages with our specialists. Only after assessing their knowledge, skills and competencies in accordance with the profile of the desired candidate, we pass the candidates for consideration to our clients. Therefore, our clients' conduct internal interviews with the most relevant candidates who meet their requirements.
How the interviews are coordinated with candidates?
We coordinate all stages of the interviews and handle accompanying communication with the candidates. This significantly minimizes the time our clients spend on recruitment.
Who provides feedback to candidates?
All candidates receive professional feedback from us after each interview. And our timely contact with candidates allows us to develop their loyalty to employers' companies, regardless of the outcome of the interview.
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