HR Consulting
We help build, optimize, and strengthen the HR function in a company through HR consulting services and the training and development of internal employees.
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness
that created it.
Albert Einstein
Why should your business develop its HR function, and how does HR consulting help?
HR or personnel function is an integral and key part of business development and growth. So, it must meet the needs and requirements of your company at every stage of an employee's career cycle. Involving external HR experts and professionals to model, streamline, and customize the HR function is important in today's dynamic business climate. This is also because it allows your business to avoid costly mistakes, accelerating your company's transition to the next level of business development.
What HR processes and procedures do we cover with our HR consulting?
We will work hard on modeling and strive to optimize each stage of an employee's career cycle in your company.
Depending on your request, needs, and preferences, we will comprehensively analyze the HR processes and procedures at each stage. We do it according to the current needs and preferences of your business and offer the best solutions to set up the HR function in your organization.
• determine the need and requirement for an external personnel reserve
• analyze and assess the roles with which you face difficulties at the recruitment stage
• create portraits or profiles of desired job candidates for open positions
• devise an effective strategy and targeting plan for potential candidates
• we accompany your team at the time of implementation of the plan
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your request and needs
The attraction stage is important and makes it possible to look after your company's external personnel reserve. When this stage is optimized, it reduces the time to fill vacancies and lowers the costs of recruitment in your company.
What we do at the employee attraction stage
• comprehensively and thoroughly analyze and assess your company's current recruitment process
• study and examine the available sources for candidate search and tools for their effective evaluation
• analyze the compliance processes in your organization with HR ethics standards
• provide recommendations and suggestions to improve and optimize your current recruitment process
• devise a new or optimize and streamline the current recruitment strategy
• develop internal standards and procedures for personnel recruitment
• train and develop internal specialists in the relevant HR tools and practices
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your request
The employee recruitment stage is one of the essential phases in the team formation process. This is because this stage helps determine or dictates which people join your organization. It also dictates what knowledge, skills, experience, and competencies they bring to your company as well as how they impact the effectiveness and productivity of the team.
What we do at the recruitment stage

• analyze and review the existing adaptation process in your company
• conduct meetings with HR specialists and hiring and recruitment managers
• gather feedback from your employees about the adaptation system
• develop suitable employee adaptation programs and policies
• provide the relevant training and development for employees involved in adaptation
• accompany your team in the initial implementation stages
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your request
The onboarding phase is another important stage and allows you to quickly, effectively, and efficiently integrate new employees into the team. It also lowers the risk of staff turnover in your company. A properly tuned and streamlined onboarding process is also instrumental in transferring internal employees to new roles and positions in your organization.
What we do at the employee onboarding stage
• study the existing employee development system in your company
• analyze and assess the existing personnel evaluation system and process
• segment talents in your company
• evaluate and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of internal personnel reserve development programs
• select the right tools for staff development at different levels in your organization
• provide training opportunities and advice to HR experts and company management
• accompany in the preparation and development of individual employee development plans
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your request and needs
What we do at the employee development stage
At the development stage, employees receive the necessary knowledge and expertise, acquire and improve their competencies and skills for the successful and effective performance of functional responsibilities. Properly setting up and implementing processes at the development stage affect the level of professionalism and productivity of the team as well as the efficiency of business tasks and duties.
• аналізуємо поточні фактори утримання співробітників в компанії
• analyze and study the current employee retention factors in your company
• gather and analyze the reasons behind the dismissal
• conduct surveys, interviews, and identify potential risks of staff outflows
• analyze and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
• devise a strategy for retaining the best employees
• support and facilitate management at the stage of implementation of various planned activities and initiatives
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your request
Properly designed and optimized retention phase makes it simpler for your company to retain experienced and talented professionals and valuable expertise within your business. Qualified and hardworking employees continue to work in your company and contribute to the development of the business, meet business goals, increasing its value in the market.
What we do at the retention stage
• evaluate and assess the quality and HR ethics of your communication at the separation stage
• develop an exit interview structure with your employees
• set up and implement the process of collecting and recording information about the various reasons and causes for dismissal
• train HR specialists and managers to conduct a quality and effective exit interview
• provide career counseling services for dismissed employees
• implement other solutions and ideas in accordance with your requests
The separation phase is an integral and valuable source of feedback from your employees. It provides information and insights about the bottlenecks at each stage of the employee's career cycle and internal processes in your company. Proper and timely communication with employees at this stage is crucial. This is because it allows you to maintain their loyalty to your company, strengthen your employer brand and adjust and improve internal processes if necessary.
What we do at the separation stage
Who do our HR consultants work within your organization
Our HR consultants and experts work with employees who perform various HR functions and roles in your company. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, this may not necessarily be the HR or personnel department. This is because HR processes and procedures in a company always exist, regardless of whether your HR function or department is divided into a separate business unit.
How we perform HR consulting?
We start our HR consulting service with an audit and review of your current HR function. We also analyze the needs it should provide at this stage of business development. Based on the results and findings of our audit, if necessary, we provide solutions and recommendations to eliminate bottlenecks in your HR processes and procedures. If your company anticipates changes, we also devise and develop new and improved strategic and tactical solutions that meet your future business needs and requirements and support management at the stage of their implementation.
Hire us and our specialists will contact you to discuss your HR goals and projects