Labor Market Overview
We perform a comprehensive and detailed review of the labor market. We also perform a thorough review of the candidate market for companies. This helps companies better understand and appreciate the attractiveness of their proposals and the formation of a strong external personnel reserve.
Change before you have to.
Jack Welch
Why a company must keep track of changes in the labor market.
Given the dynamic nature of the environment and constant changes, such as supply and demand fluctuations, in the labor market, the HR function of the company must regularly monitor and stay on top of the dynamics, analyzing trends in these changes to make the best decisions. This helps it easier to respond to changes in a timely manner. Also, if necessary, it makes it possible to adjust the company's compensation strategy in order to minimize the effect and consequences of these changes on the processes of attracting, hiring, and retaining the best professionals.
The best thing about the labor market survey is that it provides comprehensive and reliable answers to the issues and questions currently affecting the labor market for certain areas and positions. This is important as it helps the company assess and evaluate the level of competitiveness and attractiveness of its offer as an employer.
How and in what formats do we perform a labor market review?
We review and analyze the labor market and labor trends in various areas. We also review the candidate market for specific positions (long-list of candidates) and offer a detailed and comprehensive report to the customer, according to their needs, requirements, and preferences.

Labor Market Overview
When performing a labor market review, we also study the current proposals of different employers for job positions within a specific functionality. We also monitor the expectations, needs, and wishes of candidates with the relevant knowledge, experience, and skills for such positions. This is important as it helps companies optimize and streamline their compensation strategy and payroll while providing a competitive and attractive environment for employees.

Candidate Market Overview
During our comprehensive market research, we create a long list of job candidates with the necessary profile, knowledge, and work experience for a specific job position in a specific region. We shortlist candidates who are potentially ready and willing to consider job offers. This list includes only those job candidates who meet the client's request and with whom our specialists have personally communicated. Candidate market overview provides an opportunity to expand the company's external personnel reserve and balance strategies for attracting, growing and outsourcing staff.
When is the best time to perform a labor market survey?
You should review the labor market and labor trends in your industry when you need to implement changes in your company. You can also perform it when you want to consider the effect of external changes on the human capital in your organization. Typically, companies perform a labor market survey when their operating environments and context change. These changes include both internal factors, such as changing business or personnel strategies, entering new verticals and markets, changing internal business processes and models, optimizing and streamlining the compensation strategy and payroll, etc. On the other hand, it also includes external changes in the competitive environment, global and regional changes in the labor market and changes in the legal and legislative environment.
What our labor market review report covers?
The report is in-depth and comprehensive and usually contains relevant information about work experience, salaries, perks, additional incentives, work format and work schedule, knowledge of foreign languages, readiness to relocate, contact information, etc.
Before performing a labor market review, we agree with you on the intended format of the report and the information the report should contain.
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